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I have finally properly ( mostly) installed my ethernet card and LAN,
which consists of one other LOSER95 machine and my Linux Box, and ever
since I got the eth0 interface working, I can't even telnet in using
loopback, my own addy, or from the LOSER95 machine. My syslog is logging
the telnet attempts, and when I try it just hangs, then the "peer" (me)
apparently refuses connection. I would appreciate any, ANY, suggestions.
Incidently, I can telnet out...


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1. telnet/ethernet problem

I've got a simple ifconfig/routing question that I can't seem to figure out...

Basically I've got linux ether'd to another system (BBS with TCP/IP) and
I'm trying to test telnetting from Linux to the BBS.

I've got my loopback at 127.1, my eth0 ifconfig'd to 199.5 and the BBS
set up to be at 199.10.  At this point I've got an ifconifg of eth0 saying :

First, I'm using an SMC card that - at least under DOS - is soft
configured to IRQ3 and Base I/O 300 -- is the above information
a result of Linux resetting the card at boot or do I need to change
Linux's settings somewhere along the way?

a "netstat -rn" at this point gives me

from there we "route add 199.10" in hopes of getting to the BBS,
again netstat -rn giving me the above with the additional

but telnet, ping or anything else to 199.10 gets me nada!

just for the record, a "cat /proc/net/dev" gives me 0's across the board
, particuarly in eth0 - except for the lo loopback (from test pinging)...

Where am I screwing up at?  Ideas, comments, or suggestions???

All heroics are _greatly_ appreciated in advance!

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