Slip server--Dip works Sliplogin doesn't--Help!

Slip server--Dip works Sliplogin doesn't--Help!

Post by CRClif » Sat, 08 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I'm setting up my Linux system on the LAN as a PPP/SLIP server. I
installed the
most recent Slackware with the 1.2.13 kernal.
I setup DIP for this system as a CSLIP dial-in server and it works OK.
I'm trying to setup a SLIP dial-in server using  sliplogin and I can't get
it to
work. I followed the directions in the Net-2-Howto but to no avail.

I can login into the server but the client has no network access. Pinging
server from the dial-in client just returns a time-out message. Running
on the server while a client is logged in doesn't report any  sl0  network
configured. It tried typing the /sbin/ifconfig line that I found in the
slip.login file
but it doesn't work.

Does anyone know what I can do? (Please email your replies.) Thanks in

Calvin Cliff
UCLA Astronomy


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Ok, I've read the DIP man page and the NET-HOWTO, but when I try to dial
into my machine with a SLIP connection, I get the following:

And, the SLIP connection doesn't work.  I've noticed that my ifconfig and
route tables are unchanged after the SLIP user logs in.

What am I doing wrong??


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