Socket Access Denied

Socket Access Denied

Post by Scott.R.Wachtle » Wed, 18 Aug 1999 04:00:00

  I've written several client-server applications that I'm trying to
port over to linux. When I run the clients though they are denied access
to the sockets defined. The applications all ran fine on my Solaris box,
and the clients running from a Linux box can connect with my Solaris
box, but they're unable to connect to by Linux box. It appears I have a
permissions problem but I'm unable to locate it.
   I've double and triple checked settings in etc/services, inetd.conf,
hosts.allow, hosts.deny and even hosts.equiv. I'm able to telnet in on
port 25, and access my web page off port 80. Is there any other place
where access may be being denied or someplace I need to specify access
allowed on more ports? Nothing is showing up in my logs.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
            Scott Wachtler

1. Socket Access Denied

Hello Scott,
As far as I can think, there are no access permissions on ports
per se, it is down to the server app to do its own verification.
Although - if using inetd to fire up the server then often inetd.conf
is setup to use tcpd to verify various things (suitably vague :-)
If using inetd with tcpd, then try without tcpd and see.
Another gotcha is the network byte ordering stuff which given the symptoms
that can go sun->sun and linux ->sun implies that it would be the server
(sun using network byte order and linux not) ... although as
you are getting connection refused ?, I would think that unlikely.
Only other thoughts are to check with netstat that the server is listening,
and to use tcpdump to check that the request comes in on the right port.
Probably also worth a shot at trying to telnet to the server - probably
fail but may give some more info ?
Hope you fix it soon,
Steve Houseman


currently  steve.houseman at virgin net

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