atalkd error message *help*!

atalkd error message *help*!

Post by Brian Gilma » Mon, 14 Dec 1998 04:00:00

As I boot up I get the following error message on init of atalk

error cache_lookup failure...Can someone help...I read the man pages on
Atalkd but, they didn't offer much assistance......I have wo
machines.....A powerpc and an Intel box acting as a router for network
packets....I'm using kernel 2.1.130 and IPCHAINS to do masquarading and
routing.....It works well accept for the atalk stuff....Thanks in
                                                        Brian Gilman


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The error message "lp: Driver configured but no interfaces found" keeps
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How can I kill whatever is causing it.  I did a ps -fe, but I don't see
any process that looks like that.  This happened after I tried printing a
test page.

What should I do?


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