Where can I find rp-pppoe-2.4 ?

Where can I find rp-pppoe-2.4 ?

Post by Carfield Yi » Sun, 18 Feb 2001 18:44:48

After I upgrade to rp-pppoe-2.8.1, I can browse any web page, and I can
successful connect even if I put the wrong password to the system. I
would like to rollback to use older version, can anybody give me?

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I have a problem in RH8.0 bundled rp-pppoe (rp-pppoe-3.4-7), please

I am setting up linux server as NAT, which share t he internet
connection to the client PCs at home. I was using RH7.2 before and
there is no problem at all. My problem in RH8.0 is that: I setup
rp-pppoe (ifup ppp0) to run at startup of the machine. Basically, it
starts up without any problem at all. But, it never runs
/etc/ppp/ip-up. Which means that the ip masquerading process didn't
bring up at all. What I have to is to ssh to the server everytime
after the server boots up and run /etc/ppp/ip-up manually, before my
clients can use the internet connect. I realized that the
configurations files are quite different from the one that I was using
in 7.2, e.g it doesn't use /etc/ppp/pppoe.conf anymore, instated it
put all the information in

Anybody can give me some suggestions ?

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