FTP client is very slow to transfer large files

FTP client is very slow to transfer large files

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I'm running SuSE 6.0 with linux 2.0.36. I have very slow transfer rates
using ftp between this linux box and HP workstations attached to this
network. This machine has a 100Mbit ethernet. The problem arises if I
start the ftp session here or in the remote HP machine.

Notoriously, when I use netscape to connect and do the transfer, it is
in the order of hundreds of kbytes per sec.

I've seen posts about similar problems with Samba connections and ftp,
but no real answer I could use.

Could someone give some suggestions? Please Cc: to my mail box too.

Rafael H.


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This is my setup:

 - Company 100 MBits network
 - a Win2k box
 - a Suse Linux 8.0 notebook with 3Com megahertz PCMCIA eth
 - Sendmail runnning as deamon/smtp serv (couldn't figure out the
version, sorry)
 - vsftpd
 - firewall is turned off

This is what happens:

    initiate file transfer, everything goes fine for the first couple
of   minutes until the transfer rate drops to about 52 kb/s (could be
even lower, but this is what the client says (WS_FTP)) and so would
take about 37000 gazillion hours to tranfer a 1 gig file. This always
happens... (note: i use the same client to connect to an aix ftpd on
the same network and all works fine)

     when trying to upload larger files (>1mb) same thing happens:
the transfer rate is ok but then all the sudden drops to near zero
(both my client and iptraf on the notebook confirm that)
When connecting to other smtp servers on the net, everything goes of
without a hitch though, even transfers of 1gig files. After about 30
minutes idling the console log shows a "sendmail: syserr: collect: i/o
error on ..." message ... then my client, completely unrelated
(timewise), will shut down saying: socket error.

The above also happend when I had 7.2 installed, although sometimes a
tranfer would even go through.

Related note: I work via telnet from the linux box to an aix the whole
day and nothing ever happens (meaning, it works fine) plus I repeately
used "bing" and "ping" to check for dropped packages and collisions,
nothing, unfortunatly.

Any hint would be greatly appreciated :)

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