Intel Ether Express

Intel Ether Express

Post by John Lell » Fri, 20 Jan 1995 07:45:09

: I have a Pentium 60 and a 386 both with Intel Ether Express network cards.  
: Ijust downloaded Linux kernel 1.1.81 and enabled the Alpha version of the
: EExpress driver and can get neither card to be recognized by the kernel.  I
: have them at IRQ 10, 0x300 adress, and on the 386 boot with Lilo. Passing
: parameters with lilo has not worked either.  I boot from floppy on the Pentium
: so if anyone could tell me how to pass network card parameters via floppy I'd
: appreciate it. Has anyone out there gotten Intel Ether Express cards to work
: with Linux?  If so please E-mail me with your success stories.
:                                                         Thanks in advance,
:                                                                 Scott Doughty

If they're EtherExpress16, they should work fine as you described (several in
use here with no trouble).  If they're EtherExpressPRO, they won't work.  At
some time in the future, Donald Becker has promised to release a rewritten
driver, but that time has not yet come...


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Intel Ether Express

Post by Egbert Hinz » Tue, 31 Jan 1995 05:38:51

: I have an Intel EtherExpress16 in a Pentium 90.  I am able to get many
: versions (1.1.59, 1.1.78-1.1.85) of kernels to recognize the card, but
: have not been able to use any of the network related cmds (telnet,
: ftp, ping etc).  I believe the network driver failed to initialize the
: connection because one of the LEDs on the card is always on in Windows 3.1
: where ftp/telnet/ping works OK.

I use the same card in the same pc since v1.0.9.
I never had any problems with it.

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1. anyone using intel ether express with solaris 2.4 x86?

it looks like, when i drive the ethernet at ethernet speed, that
interface wedges up.  sometimes

        ifconfig iee0 down
        ifconfig iee0 up

will cure it, but (more often) i hae to reboot my system.  i find no
patches which address this issue.  am i the only person out there using
an ether epxress which behaves like this?

(i'm pretty confident the ethernet card isn't at fault since i was able
to drive it at ethernet speed consistently with windows nt 3.5 ... )

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