Peer-to-Peer Problems

Peer-to-Peer Problems

Post by TS Stah » Sat, 10 Apr 1999 04:00:00

> The machines can connect through ftp and telnet, but if I try to
> transfer a file in ftp to the W98 machine I will get an error, and the
> Linux machine will totally lock up, requiring a reboot.

> I also get some CU errors from eth0 sporadically that will lock the
> machine.

My guess is hardware.  You can talk fine between the two boxes, and then
you indicate that the intel nic in the linux box produces errors.  Try a
different driver for the nic; like ne2000 generic.


> What I really need is some SIMPLE instructions with examples of how to
> set up a peer-to-peer network. Now what I need from the network is for
> the Win98 machine to have complete control over the Linux/486, and to
> be able to run Linux apps, as well as display XWindow graphics over
> the Win98/C300a monitor.I dont know if samba is capable of this, since
> in actuality I dont
> care if the Linux box can see anything on the Win98 machine, but its
> necessary for the opposite to be so. I have Starnet X-Win32 server for
> 98, but in this case the actual server would be Linux. Any ideas on
> software, and especailly means of configuring it would be greatly
> appreciated.

A note on terminology:  the X server is actually running on your 98 box,
and the linux box is the X client.  I have only played with this, but had
good results with reflectionX 7.6.  I know this is not run of the mill
software, nor is it cheap.  Reflection comes with default settings for a
generic X11R6 system (linux).

SAMBA is for volume sharing, and has nothing to do with X.

Scott Stahl
MIS Asst.
Illinois Housing Development Authority


Peer-to-Peer Problems

Post by Paul Mil » Sun, 18 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I can tell you EXACTLY what your problem is!

The Intel Etherexpress 16 card aparently has some microkernel bugs in it
which are fixed when working under Windows 9x although for some reason (I
forget what) can not be 'worked around' in Linux. It is these bugs that are
causing your kernel to behave the way it is.

If you change your network card, I'm certain everything else will work fine.

I had exactly the same problem until I switched my Etherexpress for a 3com.

Hope this helps

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