Mail problem: I don't get the 'error' replies !

Mail problem: I don't get the 'error' replies !

Post by Marco Melgazz » Thu, 06 Feb 1997 04:00:00


        everything is working fine with my setup ( sendmail + emacs/gnus +
fetchpop ) EXCEPT for the fact that the error mails that are sent from
other servers never make it back to my computer.

        If the recipient is non-existant, or if the host is non-existant
etc. etc. nothing comes back. My IPS is WinNT based and 99% of the users
use Winbloze to send mail and it seems that for them it's working

        I've fiddled quite a lot with headers and sendmail but I can't get
it to work in this case, anybody can please help ??




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