socket: Invalid argument <-- What does this mean?

socket: Invalid argument <-- What does this mean?

Post by Mike Doube » Tue, 31 Oct 1995 04:00:00

        After a seemingly random period of time, any attempts of setting up an
outgoing network connection (ie. telnet, ftp, etc.) will result in the above
error and an immediate return to a shell prompt.  This error is even returned
by ifconfig, but NOT by netstat.  The only way I can restore the possibility
of outgoing connections if by rebooting.  
        Incoming connections are NOT affected by this at all and network
traffic can flow in both directions if the connection is into my box or it
was established before the error started appearing.  I was wondering if anyone
has seen this before and how can it be fixed?  Either permanently or just a
quick fix when it occurs.
        Here's my info:
                Kernel 1.2.13
                Slackware 2.3
                everything still a.out
                Tulip driver for the SMC EtherPower

        Again, the error in question is:
                'socket: Invalid argument'

Mike Doubek

University of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign


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I have a tiny Internet Cafe with one Linux with Redhat 5.1 as the
Gateway/Intranet Server connected with a crossover ethernet cable to a
Windows95 machine. I use diald to connect.

Things generally works great - but when I eventually reboot the Linux
machine, the network seems to shut down and the only way to get it back up
again is to keep running the "ifdown eth0, ifup eth0" scripts until the
Linux machine appear in the "Net Hood" on the Windows Machine. Once there,
the net will be up for as long as the Linux box is running - had it going
for weeks.

When the "ifup eth0" script runs I get the "SIOCADDRT: Invalid Argument"
message - which gives me the feeling that something is wrong ;-)

But *what* ?

Could someone give me a hint please.

Frithiof Jensen.

Oh - one more thing - how should I configure the serial port to get my
WiseCom K56 Flex modem to *do* 56K?
(I get tranfer rates of about 3-5K/sec, which should be about 36k - better
than my old 28k modem but not quite).

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