Coder needed for new masq patch

Coder needed for new masq patch

Post by -Ken Ev » Thu, 18 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I have kernel source that has new features added to ip_masquerade for the
1.2.n kernel series.  The source was created by a programmer who first
patched a 1.2.4 kernel with masquerade, then added the new features
including: FTP redirection (from 1.3.n), Real-Audio (from SLiRP) and
StreamWorks support (new code).  He didn't produce a replacement patch and
is too busy now to do so.

The programmer asked me to offer a new patch to the public but I don't know
how to produce patches, and have no-one to turn to.

Can someone take the files that have been changed and the original masq
patch and produce a new patch?  I am no code guru and am not qualified to
do this myself.

I will only release the changed files to ONE person to produce this
1.2.n.masq_plus patch.  I don't want a couple dozen different patches
floating about since this would cause too much confusion providing
support and documentation.

If you have experience in producing kernel patches for Linux, and have
the time and willingness to do this promptly, please reply.

Email please,


Note: During my testing of the modified code, the FTP worked fine,
Real-Audio worked for a while then lost connection, and I never tested
the StreamWorks.  Please consider this VERY alpha code.

Also: Please don't email asking for the changed code if you are not
planning on creating the patch.  I expect to have a finished patch available
for the public ASAP (hopefully within a week or so).


      Eves Internet Consulting


Coder needed for new masq patch

Post by Markus Ba » Fri, 26 Jan 1996 04:00:00

>including: FTP redirection (from 1.3.n), Real-Audio (from SLiRP) and

Talking about SLiRP, I think one can get some interesting ideas about
implementing masquerading into the linux kernel. I used it some time and it
worked very fine for most of my needs.

BTW: thanks for your work on the masquerading patches!



1. coder needed to produce patch from masq code

I was given an updated set of 4 kernel files which are version 1.2.4 with
the masq patch installed and new code added to support ftp port
redirection (from 1.3.n), Real-Audio (from SLiRP), and new code for

I have by accident become the unofficial "maintainer" for the masq patch for
1.2.n.  Unfortunately I have no experience in coding for Linux, and have
no clue on how to create a new patch.

I am looking for someone who has experience with such things to take the
changed files and produce a patch.  I don't know if the best way would be
to make a patch that applies _after_ the 1.2.n patch, or create an updated
patch.  The changed files that I have do not include all the changes from the
original (like the changes to configure).

E-mail please to the address below.  I am on a temp account on a friend's
system since my ISP is crippled and has no NNTP running after the East
US floods.

Thanks much,

Ken Eves

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