Setting up POP3/IMAP/Sendmail for Virtual Hosting

Setting up POP3/IMAP/Sendmail for Virtual Hosting

Post by Just Some Jo » Sun, 10 May 1998 04:00:00

I have a single machine running Redhat 5 which is being used as a virtual
hosting web server for about 10 domains. I have the DNS and HTTP all set up
and working great. What I need is to figure out how to handle email like

the virtusertable option and mapped these addresses successfully so that
they either point to local user or external user. Here's the catch: I want
to be able to add multiple POP/IMAP accounts for each virtual host without
restriction to the username. So that instead of just virtual aliasing the
webmaster accounts, I could actually have a user login as webmaster/passwd1
to POP server and a different user login as webmaster/passwd2 to
POP server at I do have these set up with unique IP addresses
so that older browsers work with the HTTP. I have set up Kerberos4
authentication server and Cyrus IMAPD mail server, but I am still at a loss
as to how to implement this.
Any information or URLs would be greatly appreciated.


1. pop3 login fails on virtual host imap mail server

I set up a virtual host webserver computer using vhost. I have imap running
as my pop3 server. When I add a new domain an adim account for that domain
is automaticly created. Then I add more user accounts for mail. Mail is
arriving for these new user accounts and I can ssh in to read the mail in
the vmail directory for that user. The admin accounts can login and get
mail but the user accounts that I created can not. They keep getting bad
password errors trying to login.

There are alias accounts for the admins but not the users. Could this be
the problem? vhost does not provide any documentation as to why aliases are
used, why or how to created them.

I tied to telnet into the pop3 server but after I am logged in I can not do
any thing, I tried help, ls, all sorts of commands but keep getting errors.
Is there any documentation as to what commands can be used while telnet'ed
into a mail server?

Is any one know about setting up a virtual hosts mail accounts that can
help me with this?

Is anyone using vhost to configure a system that could explain these
problems and lack of documentation?


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