'unknown server' with dip....the way I fixed it, plus a few questions

'unknown server' with dip....the way I fixed it, plus a few questions

Post by ENVS » Fri, 22 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Warning: I know very little about this stuff....but this worked.

I have seen this question a few times. I was getting the unknown server
error when I tried to run dip this morning. Note: I just installed the N
to give me the networking stuff eralier on this morning. A friend (thanks
said to do the following: (my machine is called Grantura, and it's not
or anything yet)

1) Change etc/HOSTNAME to Grantura.ESEI.com
2) chnage where it says localhost in etc/hosts to Grantura
3) in etc/tc.d/rc.inet1 make sure to add the line /bin/hostname Grantura

Now dip -t works. I played around with HOSTNAME and /bin/hostname, and
I am not sure if one overides the other....could somebody expand?? i.e.,
if I change the line to /bin/hostname Grantura.ESEI.com, that is what my
machine name becomes!! I just need a little more detail on how this
host/hostname business works. Will my machine be known as Grantura, or



1. 'Unknown server error' after the /sbin/dip

Hi, everybody,

I was debugging a slip.dip script. Also I use a shell script( called
net, which is attached in this news) in Root account.

My net shell script failed. After that I manually use the /sbin/dip -t
I got the " Unknown server error " and quit.

Appreciate any advice.


[ Net < 1K ]

# shell script to dial in using dip
# and place a dynamically assigned IP address
# into /etc/hosts
# Mon Nov 11 00:34:18 MET 1996


set -e
dip slip.dip
until ifconfig | fgrep  P-t-P> /dev/null
do echo Waiting for ifconfig to report connection...
   sleep 2
ifconfig | sed -n '/P-t-P/s/inet addr: *\([0-9.]*\).*/\1/p' > $IP
host $(cat $IP) | sed -n 's/Name: *//p' > $NAME
hostname --file $NAME
echo Host name set to $(hostname)
echo -e\\tlocalhost\\t$(cat /etc/hostname) > /etc/hosts
paste $IP $NAME >> /etc/hosts
rm -f $IP $NAME


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