REDHAT 6 - 'No Route to host'?

REDHAT 6 - 'No Route to host'?

Post by Mike Stro » Tue, 14 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I'm running Redhat 6.0.  I've got it successfully installed.  I've installed
my network card (3c905b).  I can use it (via IPCHAINS) to browse the network
from my second machine (laptop).  I've installed DHCP.  That works great too.

Two questions.  When I try to browse on the Linux box itself, or ftp from the
linux box to my ISP, I get a message which says 'No Route To Host'.  But
browsing on my WinNT laptop through the Linux box works OK.

Also, I'd like to connect from the NT box to my VPN server at work.  It works
OK when dialing in directly, but when connected to my network through the
Linux box, it connects but the username/password don't verify.  I downloaded a
VPN configuration doc from Jon Hardin, but don't  know how to tell what KERNEL
I am running (I know, newbie question).  If I am running the right kernel I
don't need to rebuild to get the VPN funtionality working.  But I just need to

Thanks!  Private replies appreciated.
Mike Strock