Files from Internet to Compuserve

Files from Internet to Compuserve

Post by dmitr » Sat, 02 Mar 1996 04:00:00


>has anyone knowledge about sending files (not ASCII)
>from an Internet mailer to a Compuserve adress.
>I tried everything. normal attachment, bin-hex, MIME,
>nothing works. The people using the Compuserve-adress
>are =B4computer-dummies=B4 so they have no idea what to do,
>and i am a Compuserve-dummy and don=B4t know how the Compuserve
>mailing system works. they said that they have something like
>*.plx files (whatever this maybe) but they don=B4t know what to do with

>Any Hints
>as fast as possible, E-Mail preferred



Hm... I receive attached files from INTERNET ... some times O.K some times not.
But attached don't work smoothly anywhere. Try to send uuencoded files and
try ( that could be a hard task) to explain to CSERVEee how to handle them.
uu[en,de]code are universal.

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I am interested in writing a script to do the following tasks

1. go to CompuServe certain site, copy all the files( News )

2. Post the files(News) to a internet group.

I wonder if I can write such script. I am afraid I might do not have control
once I am in the Compuserv.

Tips would be greatly appreciated.

-charlie Lu

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