Linux disables NIC under Windows 95 on dual-boot

Linux disables NIC under Windows 95 on dual-boot

Post by neko.. » Tue, 18 May 1999 04:00:00

Hello all,

On my dual-boot machine, things work just fine under Windoze 95,
and also under Linux.

Problem is, when I boot into Windoze 95 after having booted into Linux,
Windoze doesn't recognize one of my two NIC's. I get the following
"The device is not present, not working correctly, or does not have all
the drivers installed. See your hardware documentation. ( Code 10.). "

My guess is, Linux does *something* to the NIC causing it not to be

Here are specifics:
Linux Kernel: 2.2 ( Red Hat 5.2 )
NIC: 3Com EtherLink III (3C509B) in ISA mode.

Both Linux and Windows use:
IRQ: 10
I/O range: 0x300-0x30F

Any help is appreciated.

PS: My other NIC is in an SMC EtherEZ in "Plug and Pray" mode.
This card works fine under Linux and Windows, even after booting from
one to the other.

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        Has anybody ever had problems booting Linux after exiting
Windows 95 on a dual boot system using LILO?

I had a perfectly working dual boot system (Debian 2.0 / Win95) a few
days ago but after I installed a US Robotics 56k Plug N Play external
modem under Linux and then Win95 (both without problems) I couldn't
boot Linux off the hard-drive when the last boot-up was to Windows

I don't think LILO is really failing since I get almost all the way
through the boot sequence before the computer simply resets itself
(like someone pushed the Reset switch) at the 'Loading vfat' line and
I am left watching the BIOS bootup screens.

So the order of events is like this:
1. Turn on machine; Get LILO boot: prompt.
2. Choose Windows 95; Win95 boots correctly.
3. Shut down Win95; Reboot machine; Get LILO boot: prompt.
4. Choose Linux; Watch boot messages (gets past HDD detection,
mounting drives, fsck)
5. Machine reboots itself when loadable modules line is displayed
(Loading vfat...), right after vfat item is displayed.
6. Insert Linux bootable floppy made during inital installation.
7. Boot again; No LILO prompt (from hard-drive).
8. Boot correctly all the way.
9. Reinstall LILO; Reboot machine; Get LILO prompt.
10. Choose Linux; Boot correctly all the way.

This is so strange since this system worked perfectly before I
installed the 56k modem, which works great under both OS's! Why would
re-installing LILO fix the Loading vfat module problem? What does a
modem have to do with LILO?

Please give me any advice you can, I am losing my mind...

Thanks in advance,
Eric Hardwick

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