Newbie Needs Help Connecting To Sprint Internet Service

Newbie Needs Help Connecting To Sprint Internet Service

Post by metonym » Wed, 12 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I'm looking for a dip script to connect to the sprint internet service.



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greeting to all:

my apology if my question has appeared in this newsgroup, but I need quick

My current ISP is Sprint Canada - The Most On-Line.  To connect to it in
Win95, all I need to do is to enter my username and password in the
"Connect to" dial-box, *WITH NO SCRIPT*, and it will dial out and verify
the password/userid automatically.

my question is:  since there is no script for win95 connection, exactly
what is transmitted to establish the connection?  In other words, if I
want to use linux and, say, xisp to establish a PPP connection, what xisp
dialog do I need to create so it will successfully connect?

I have tried to connect by telix/minicom, and tried to type in my
userid/passwd manually.  It didn't work as it says I have entered a wrong
password:  I guess there is some encryption win95 uses?

And I triied to call the tech-support... guess what, "We don't support
Linux, sorry" :)  oh well...

any help is very much appreciated,


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