Trouble with Xkernel and bootparamd

Trouble with Xkernel and bootparamd

Post by Jeffrey S. Dutk » Sat, 24 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I am having trouble setting up Xkernel and a Sun 3/60 on my
Linux box. The Sun is able to get its IP address with RARP,
and pull down the boot program with TFTP, but when it tries
to get the root path via bootparam it (the Sun) times out.

I have had a bit of trouble getting a working version of
bootparamd -- none of the sources I got would compile. I
finally found a binary version of bootparamd somewhere,
but it doesn't seem to respond when I watch via tcpdump.
When I run bootparamd in debug mode it reports errors in

Any suggestions?

- Jeff Dutky


1. Non-bootparamd Xkernel troubles

I managed to get all the compilable code to compile for Xkernel.
Unfortunately, it seems that something is wrong with the vmunix kernel
included in this package. The documentation says that it has had the NFS
patch applied, but I get the same errors (panic: init died) when I use
the non-Linux modified kernel instead. I was wondering if either someone
could send me a copy of the vmunix that they have working with their
Sun3 or apply the adb patch to the kernel. I would do it myself, but I
have no Sun3 running SunOs or Solaris available. BTW, I've got a Sun
3/60 with a mono fb.


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