AMD 79C970 file transfer limit

AMD 79C970 file transfer limit

Post by Javaan Singh Cha » Sat, 25 Nov 1995 04:00:00

We have a new P133 in the lab, with an ASUS PCI ethernet card that contains
an AMD 79C970. All is well for most tasks. However, when attempting to load
files that are really big (ie >40M) the NFS copy, or the ftp get, just
stops. Usually it screams up to about 35Meg then runs very slowly to 40Meg
then stops. I am using a patched-for-adaptec 2940,1.2.13 kernel, but have
also tried it on a 1.3.31, and a 1.3.35. On another machine (a 486) with
1.2.13 and an isa SMC ultra, the transfer is slower but does not fail.

For a while there was an annoying "eth0 :bus master arbitration failure" or
something in the boot messages, but I readjusted the PCI bus bios and that
is gone.

any suggestions much appreciated

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        I've being trying to start my network but I think I need some help.
First, some data ...

        NIC: AMD 79C970
                IRQ = 5
                I/O address =0xFCE0

                Kernel = 2.0.30

        I've compiled the driver lance.c and loaded with "insmod" with the
option "io=0xfce0". But the message that I get after that says that the
io address is 0xecc0 and I cant start my net. Thanks for your help!


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