ISDN to connect two ( 2 ) LANs LAN ( s )

ISDN to connect two ( 2 ) LANs LAN ( s )

Post by Justi » Wed, 02 Sep 1998 04:00:00

We do the same, but we use two Teles 16.3 internal adapters.  No problems!
If you want to know more
drop me a line.


>I've been fighting Ascend for a week trying to connect 2 ( two ) office
>networks with ISDN.  The ISDN line appears to be fine, but, it's taken 5


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Let me try reposting this once more maybe I wasn't too clear in my
previous post.
I have a Linux RH7.3 server running ssh service. I want clients to log
in using ssh from two different Wans.

Wan1: Frame relay router (closed network with another frame relay
Wan2:DSL router allowing clients to login from the internet.

The ip of the frame relay router is
The ip of the dsl router is

The fr relay is associated with eth0: defaultgw
The dsl is associated with eth1: defaultgw

Our GUI network configurator is not working due to bugzilla reports.
However it worked during the initial install and setup of these two
cards. But now we cannot access the tool.
We tried linuxconf but that only allows us one default gw to be
configured. Only one network works at a time.

Is it possible to have two default gateways (one per interface) and
have the box recognize and negotiate them both at the same time?
Which config files can I vi to achieve the desired result of two
gateways without using the gui tool?
If we are only allowed one default gateway per machine, how will the
box know
that the other router exists?
If static routes is the answer, then it is not clear to me how this
will work.
route -net add eth1
Remember someone coming over the internet will have a private ip of nat'ed through some pubic ip for example trying
to ssh to
my public ip conecting to my eth1:

        |--?------eth1---dsl router--------internet      
        |--defgw--eth0---frame router1--|--frame router2

Any suggestions?

Thanks guys.

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