Sendmail "network unreachable"

Sendmail "network unreachable"

Post by Aaron Elliot » Wed, 08 Sep 1999 04:00:00


I have a problem with sendmail.  I have a masquerading server at my house so
everyone at home can get on the net at the same time.  I have the box set up
to save the current dynamic IP addy in a file when it gets disconnected and
reconnects.  I'm trying to get a script I wrote to use Sendmail to E-mail
the IP address to me (later to automatically change a file on my computer at
school once I have a static IP) so I can pick it up and access the box or my
home network when I want.

Problem:  Sendmail resolves the DNS's and picks up the correct server to
E-mail the addresses, BUT when I look at the logs (and check my E-mail) ...
"network unreachable".  Why is this?  Everywhere, I've looked for a
solution.  You guys are my last hope, DON'T*ME OFF! Hahahaha, just

Aaron Elliott


open(MAIL, "|sendmail -t");

print MAIL "Local IP address is yati.yati.yati.yati ($ARGV[0])\n";
print MAIL "Date/time/bla/bla/bla\n\n";
# last note, I think for some stupid reason, I think MIME headers needed???


1. SMAIL problems: "lock failed", and "network is unreachable."

        Well, I got smail working so that it went through and delivered
all of the mail that wasn't delivered the last two months. Now I can't
send new mail to anyone. Here's a brief segment of what was in

10/12/94 12:42:04: [m0qv6ke-0004mgC] received
|            from: mark
|         program: sendmail

|            size: 631 bytes

10/12/94 12:45:56: pid 253: new config files, exec(/usr/lib/sendmail)
10/12/94 12:45:56: pid 6860: smail daemon started
10/12/94 13:11:28: open_spool: /var/spool/smail/input/0qnI1X-0004o5C: lock failed: File exists
10/12/94 13:11:29: open_spool: /var/spool/smail/input/0qnI1X-0004o5C: lock failed: File exists
10/12/94 13:11:29: open_spool: /var/spool/smail/input/0qoews-0004oHC: lock failed: File exists
10/12/94 13:30:57: open_spool: /var/spool/smail/input/0qpm1L-0004oQC: lock failed: File exists
10/12/94 13:30:58: open_spool: /var/spool/smail/input/0qv6ke-0004mgC: lock failed: File exists

        I don't know if that help anyone or not. I'm running linux
1.1.45, and smail 3.1.28. My system is currently not connected to the
internet, though that shouldn't matter because I'm just trying to send
mail to myself.

        Anyone have any clues, or can point me into a direction to look?
If you need more information, email me.

        Much thanks.

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