BIND 8/9-specific features: Good online reference or buy "DNS & BIND"?

BIND 8/9-specific features: Good online reference or buy "DNS & BIND"?

Post by Frederic Fau » Tue, 17 Oct 2000 04:00:00


I need to learn about the features added in BIND 8 and 9. Since I
already read the 2nd edition of DNS & BIND, do you think it's worth it
to order the 3rd edition, which also covers BIND 8, or are there good
reference documents on the Net? I'm especially interested in dynamic
DNS, split DNS, and the anti-IP spoofing feature added in BIND 9.



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connection request is issued by a client between that time and the time
the server begins listening?  Will the client's connection request be
refused, or will it be held until the server starts listening?
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