tcp/ip LAN IPs and dynamic IP ppp connections....

tcp/ip LAN IPs and dynamic IP ppp connections....

Post by Kar » Fri, 01 Dec 1995 04:00:00

My Friend and I have a tcp/ip LAN running in our apartment building, and are
having a great deal of trouble with running both the LAN and making PPP
connections w/ dynamic IPs. As of now we are only able to grab the nameserver
of our provider when we first kill the eth0 device and then run pppd. is
there some way that we can "point" to a name server, and at the same time
keep the LAN up.  I was also told that we could possibly ues both PPP
conections simultaneously to some benefit of greater throughput.... If I am
dreaming someone tell me, otherwise perhaps, some advice?  Verbose
explination of the situation would be appreciated, I am in the middle of a
self tought crash course in Linux... thanks...


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  on both ends. on a loss of carrier

- ppp in the answering machine operates properly, it resets on a loss of
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