Linux Peer-to-Peer networking problems

Linux Peer-to-Peer networking problems

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I am trying to set up a small in house lan using linux.  I have two
etherlink III ethernet cards, which by the way detect fine.  I have set
up everything using "netconfig".  Each computer can ping themselves, but
not the other.  Each computer has an IP address, the proper one  may
I add.  All I want to do with this network is be able to access the
other computers hd via NFS and telnet.   I have read the entire chapter
in "Linux Unleashed" on networking and it is no help.

On one of the systems the internet will be accessed via PPP, ppp works
fine by the way...just not the ethernet.  I know the ethernet is
connected properally b/c it works in windows 98.   Is there some option
I need to set for my computer to be able to use the internet and the
other computer on the ethernet?

If my information is not specific enough I will be glad to supply more.

Thank you

Brent Jackson

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        thanks again1


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Detailed help highly appreciated!!!

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Trainee Software Engineer,
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