connecting IBM global network with pppd-2.3

connecting IBM global network with pppd-2.3

Post by E.M. Jansse » Mon, 10 Aug 1998 04:00:00


I am trying to connect to my ISP with pppd-2.3.
With pppd-2.2 I had no problems.
I used the scripts given by IBM on the internet and everything worked
I am trying to configure pppd-2.3 with the same scripts for days now but
no success so far. My modem is* up after the connection. Have no
idea why.
After a few sleepless nights I am about to give up.

Please Help??????

Greetings Martijn


1. IBM Global Network & Linux PPP (diald/pppd)

Have anybody connected Linux to the IBM Global Network ?

I have found a dip script on but I would like
to try to use diald or pppd.

IBM do not use CHAP/PAP and the IP addresses is returned as ASCII
strings before PPP starts.

'pppd' accepts IP addresses as command line paramters, but how do I
transfer them from 'chat'. Is it possible to use the environment ?


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