VJ compression & Modem compression ?

VJ compression & Modem compression ?

Post by Robert Kais » Fri, 15 Nov 1996 04:00:00

The modems I'm using for a PPP connection between two Linux boxes
support data compression and the manual says that using compression
when the data being transmitted is also compressed could result
in worse throughput. Now I'm wondering:

- is it advisable to enable PPP's VJ-compression when the modems do
  data compression as well ?

- if not so, which will give better throughput: modem compression
  or VJ-compression ?

Does anybody have any experience about this ?




1. PPP compression vs. modem compression

In reading about modem operations, I learn (is this really true?) that
disabling modem compression will decrease latency.  Clearly though,
there is then a loss of speed when transferring large compressible

If one enables PPP compression does one make up for this?  That is,
is it best to disable modem compression and enable PPP compression
in order to get lower latency but still appropriate compression?

        Hal Sadofsky

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