Squid consumes to much memory

Squid consumes to much memory

Post by Mikael Bendtse » Tue, 27 Oct 1998 04:00:00


I know this ain't exactly the right place to post Q's about squid but i
couldn't find a newsgroup about it..

I'm running an squid heirachy. On one of the squid servers i have defined:

"cache_mem  XX"

But the squid seems to use abt 3 times the amount of mem i defined after
just a few weeks of run.

Does any1 have a solution to this?

-- Mikael Bendtsen


1. squid under solaris 2.5.1 consume a lot of file descriptors?


I have configured squid 1.1.20 on a Ultra Sparc with Solaris 2.5.1
recently.  I notice that when the connection to outside is sluggish,
there will be a number of CLOSE_WAIT with child connecting its http

Paritial output of netstat:

parent.8080            child1.4501        33580      0  8760      0 CLOSE_WAIT
parent.8080            child2.4428        17520      0  8760      0 CLOSE_WAIT
parent.8080            child2.4963        17520      0  8760      0 CLOSE_WAIT

* parent is the Ultra Sparc.

So, the number of file descriptors used increased a lot during that
period.  It rises up over 1000 even when there are a few established
connection only.  However, I seldom notice that there are any CLOSE_WAIT
in a squid parent proxy server under Digital Unix.

I would like to ask whether you have similar observation.  If your proxy
server is busy enough, have you tuned anything such as
tcp_close_wait_interval of /dev/tcp?  Its default is 240000ms (=4mins).
By the way, I notice no difference even if I set it to 5000.  Those
CLOSE_WAIT are still there in netstat output.

Thanks a lot for your opinion.

SO Kwok Tsun
Information Technology Service Unit, CUHK

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