Getting pmfirewall,rp-pppoe and squid to work together

Getting pmfirewall,rp-pppoe and squid to work together

Post by SirStargaze » Tue, 20 Feb 2001 21:37:42

Excuse the large cross-posts, but this is truly a puzzle fit for any of
these NG's. I'm building a squid server at home for a elementary school who
asked me to build this after I sold them on squid+squidguard, with a DSL
connection(rp-pppoe+pmfirewall) and cannot for the life of me to get these
to work together. The layout is simple: dsl modem to eth0 in a MD 7.2
(2.2.17) box, eth1 to a win98 client. I had the rp-pppoe+pmfirewall
connection going great 'till I added the second nic(eth1). Now eth1 keeps
blowing my routing table: I can connect fine if I ifdown eth1 and then
dialup, but the minute I try to dialup with eth1 up, I can still connect,
but I can't ping anything.(Actually, I can't ping anything/anyhow now) I've
assigned both nics statically (is this a problem) and,respectively and ppp0 is assigned via the isp with dhcp.

First, how can I get this to work at home (both rp-pppoe and pmfirewall both
offer masq'ing and firewalling options(dah))I'm almost certain that 95% of
the problem lies here. I really don't want to build this on my dsl line with
no FW.
What should be the netmask(s) and gateway for this setup?
Second, what would be the way best to configure squid with regards to the
Third, what changes are going to be needed when I take this box to the
(class: "c" lan)
(Is their any way squid can take care of all of this in one swoop?)
Fourth, how do I open the port(s) to allow squid through the FW.
This school is on a WAN (wich goes through a socks5 connection - to
get to the internet) but the school itself is on, how do I block the WAN out of this squid

I know this is an enormous question, but I've read alot posts in all of
these NG"s and know that someone(s) can answer this. ANY help/links/advice
would be GREATLY appreciated. I really need to get this up as soon as


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I am setting up linux server as NAT, which share t he internet
connection to the client PCs at home. I was using RH7.2 before and
there is no problem at all. My problem in RH8.0 is that: I setup
rp-pppoe (ifup ppp0) to run at startup of the machine. Basically, it
starts up without any problem at all. But, it never runs
/etc/ppp/ip-up. Which means that the ip masquerading process didn't
bring up at all. What I have to is to ssh to the server everytime
after the server boots up and run /etc/ppp/ip-up manually, before my
clients can use the internet connect. I realized that the
configurations files are quite different from the one that I was using
in 7.2, e.g it doesn't use /etc/ppp/pppoe.conf anymore, instated it
put all the information in

Anybody can give me some suggestions ?

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