RPC problem

RPC problem

Post by jayma.. » Wed, 29 Sep 1999 04:00:00

i am trying to compile a program that is using Sun RPC.
the routine clnt_call is giving me problems.
the program has:

clnt_call(cl, 15, xdr_wrapstring, (char *)&path,xdr_wrapstring, (char
*)&bp, tm);

on compilation i get:
warning: passing arg 3 from incompatible pointer type
warning: passing arg 5 from incompatible pointer type
for the same routine.

when i run the executable:
clnt_call: RPC: Can't encode arguments

this is on a machine running linux 2.0.35,but i am told
the same prog. was running just fine on a solaris 2.5.1
i have very little experience with RPCs.
can anyone suggest something to get it running on linux??

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        Hi! I'm having problems with my server and
am not sure what files to look at for misconfigurations..
I'm hoping that someone out there might see these
error messages as obvious signposts to fix some file
I can mount nsf filesystems from other workstations
in the lab, but cannot seem to mount news or accoess
the oed2 server.. I've gotten the following errors:

Dec  9 15:46:02 enterprise mountd[11789]: couldn't register TCP MOUNTPROG
Dec  9 15:46:03 enterprise mountd[11790]: couldn't register TCP MOUNTPROG    
Dec  9 15:46:04 enterprise mountd[11791]: couldn't register TCP MOUNTPROG
Dec  9 15:46:06 enterprise mountd[11793]: couldn't register TCP MOUNTPROG
Dec  9 15:46:07 enterprise mountd[11794]: couldn't register TCP MOUNTPROG
Dec  9 15:46:08 enterprise mountd[11795]: couldn't register TCP MOUNTPROG
Dec  9 15:46:09 enterprise mountd[11796]: couldn't register TCP MOUNTPROG  
Dec  9 15:46:11 enterprise mountd[11797]: couldn't register TCP MOUNTPROG
Dec  9 15:46:12 enterprise mountd[11798]: couldn't register TCP MOUNTPROG      
(lots of these)


I've actually been able to mount the filesystem sometimes. I used
the IP address and it is mounted now, but when I try to use news
and actually read a posting, i get NNTP (or some such) not responding.
any clues? please email me with any suggestions :)

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