diald for name services on firewall using soc...

diald for name services on firewall using soc...

Post by trent jar » Fri, 28 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Netscape/mosaic wont work with firewall, try SLiRP or ?TIA?

Read the firewall docs.
Trent Jarvi


1. diald for name services on firewall using sockd

I am using a linux machine configured as a firewall as a gateway for
a small home network.  I am using the sockd proxy server on the linux
box and netscape on a windows machine.  This almost works.

I want to be able to enter netscape on the windows machine and
have diald automatically bring up a ppp link to my internet
provider.  This works if I try to access by ip number but  
fails for accesses by name.

I am running named on the linux box and added a forwarders line
to the named.boot file.  This provides names services to the
windows machine if the ppp link is up.  I was expecting that
my windows machine would query the name server on my linux machine
which would forward the request to an external system causing diald to
bring up the ppp link but this isn't happening.

Is named forwarding the right approach for name services on a firewall
or should I be doing something different?  It does work if the ppp link is

Is there something I need to change in my diald configuration to get
this to work?  nslookup on my linux machine will cause diald to
bring up the ppp link in response to a query to an external name
server selected through resolv.conf but not for an external name
selected using the forwarders option.  Do different diald rules
apply to them?

Thanks in advance,

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