INND and NNRPD: connection closed by server. Why ?

INND and NNRPD: connection closed by server. Why ?

Post by Olivier Hislai » Sat, 06 Sep 1997 04:00:00

More informations coming:

running nnrpd in trace mode shows that the server exits at the end of
my posting (gets another pid):

-> Sep  5 14:12:40 news nnrpd[2304]: < POST
-> Sep  5 14:12:40 news nnrpd[2304]: > 340 Ok
-> Sep  5 14:12:40 news nnrpd[2304]: post_connect
-> Sep  5 14:12:40 news nnrpd[2304]: post starting
--> Sep  5 14:13:16 news nnrpd[2306]: > 200 InterNetNews NNRP server INN 1.

using inews -h confirms everything so far:

-> No reply from server after sending the article, Invalid argument.
-> (Article not posted.)
-> Warning -- server did not reply to quit, Broken pipe

Any configuration issue ?




I'm currently running INN on my box. It receives fine, but it
won't send anything out that isn't from a machine in it's hosts.nntp
file. The problem is it is neccessary for anyone in my domain to post
from their clients. It suggests in the help files that I probably have
HAVE_UNIX_DOMAIN set to DON'T, but i haven't found where that can be
changed, and it states that I probably wouldn't want to do that even
if i could.
        Anyone have any suggestions or bug fixes?
        Thanks in advance,

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