Setting up Dial-in on RedHat 6.0

Setting up Dial-in on RedHat 6.0

Post by dbasi.. » Fri, 18 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I'm trying to setup a PPP dial-in server on a RedHat 6.0, and I have a
couple questions?

1. Is there a good doc on setting up a dial-in server on a RedHat box? use to after one, but now it is gone, RedHat can not find
where they put it.

2. Is RedHat a good distro to make a dial-in server on, or would another
distro work better?

3. Is mgetty that comes with RedHat 6.0 compiled with the -DAUTO_PPP flag?

4. Is PPP that comes with RedHat 6.0 compiled do be able to read shadow

Thanks for any info,


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suppose I want to set up a "telecommuting" environment, so that people
with PCs or Macs at home can log into the corporate network.
I can't see any major problems on the client side, but what about the
server side? I'd like the setup reflect that of our companie's connection
to the Internet - there's a firewall that basically acts as a router.
Similarly, I'd like the server to "route" dialins to specific hosts.
Are there any guidelines for such a setup, especially with respect to
I'm also interested in people's opinion on what kind of hardware and
software would be required on the server side, e.g. what kinds of serial
cards, how many dialup-lines per so and so many people, security software
(for instance, there has been a discussion on the TIS firewall toolkit -
could I use it?), and other things I most certainly forgot to mention.

Somebody willing to share his/her experience?



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