Divert sockets for Linux 2.2.12

Divert sockets for Linux 2.2.12

Post by Ilia Baldin » Sat, 26 Feb 2000 04:00:00


This is an announcement of FreeBSD divert sockets now available
for Linux 2.2.12 (together with modified ipchains-1.3.9). Please


Latest available release is 1.0.4. Anything before that should be
considered beta.

Divert sockets let you bring packets to user space and selectively
reinject them in any direction (inbound, outbound,forward) based
on firewall rule selection. Whatever the firewall can filter out
you can bring to user space.

Unlike the raw sockets, with divert sockets you get the actual packet,
not its copy, so if you do not reinject it - its intended recepient will

not see it.

For more questions please read the HOWTO available at the same


PS An older version for Linux 2.0.36 is also



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