Press Release: IP2Location Released Free Geolocation Solution to Pinpoint Internet Visitors by IPv6 Address

Press Release: IP2Location Released Free Geolocation Solution to Pinpoint Internet Visitors by IPv6 Address

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IP2Location Released Free Geolocation Solution to Pinpoint Internet
Visitors by IPv6 Address

February 24, 2006 - IP2Location has announced the availability of
IP2Location IPV6-COUNTRY Free Edition, that enables application
developers to geolocate country of the Internet visitors by IP Address
in IPv6 network. The IPv6 IPV6-COUNTRY database subscription is
available for free download.

IP2Location IPV6-COUNTRY Free Edition is the first product to support
the next generation Internet, IPv6. The database can be used to lookup
country by IP address. It is currently available in binary format and
required IP2Location Perl API to implement database queries. It
supports all valid IPv6 address range from
0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000 to
FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF in 200+ countries worldwide.
Other information such as ISP and city will be available soon.

All visitors can register and download the latest IP2Location database
and API from the below URL for free.

We encourage developers to download and to include the IP2Location
IPV6-COUNTRY Free Edition in an open-source projects. For commercial
redistribution rights for IP2Location IPV6-COUNTRY Free Edition, please

Please visit for more information.
IP2Location also provides geolocation service in the existing IPv4

Founded in 2001, provides e-Commerce intelligence
services to online businesses.'s products provide the
geographic location of Web site visitors in real-time, enabling
businesses to display localized content, bandwidth balancing, improve
click-throughs and sales, prevent fraud, conduct site analysis and
foster regulatory compliance. With over 1000 industry leading
customers, has been recognized as the geolocation
market leader.'s main headquarters is located in
Penang, Malaysia, with regional sales office located in Florida, United

The company can be reached by fax at +1-941-240-2105, by email at

IP2Location is a registered trademark of Hexasoft Development Sdn.
Bhd.. All products and company names herein may be trademarks of their
respective owners. Copyright ? 2006, Hexasoft Development Sdn. Bhd.


1. PRESS RELEASE: Objective Development releases Sharity -- Unix and Windows can be Friends!

Vienna, Austria - June 9, 1998. Objective Development announces the
availability of Sharity, a new Unix client for the Windows networking
protocol (CIFS/SMB/LanManager). With Sharity you can access Windows NT,
Windows 95 and Samba servers from Unix as if they were NFS servers.

Sharity is the perfect solution for some of the emerging networking problems:
1. Interoperability: Sharity allows the seamless integration of Unix
   workstations into existing networks of Windows PCs.
2. Security: The protocol used by Sharity provides server based
   authentication by password and is thus more secure than NFS in an open
   network environment.
3. Distributed Offices and Teleworking: Sharity works through a single TCP
   port that can easily be configured to pass firewalls. An SSL version,
   which is currently in beta, will provide secure communication over the
   insecure internet.

  * Sharity can do password encryption according to the various LanManager
    standards. The password is never sent in clear text over the wire
    unless you explicitly allow it.
  * Sharity reduces the network traffic using local caches. The
    "Opportunistic Lock" mechanism of the CIFS protocol is used to ensure
    cache consistency.
  * Sharity is compatible with national character sets. It works with
    Unicode internally and allows even translation to multi-byte character
    sets as it is necessary to accomodate Asian character sets.
  * Sharity contains an automounter that can restore mounts after a reboot.
  * Source code is available for NO ADDITIONAL COST!

    US$  99.00      for a single machine license
    US$ 169.00      for a 5 machine license
    US$ 214.00      for a 10 machine license
    US$ 269.00      for a 20 machine license

Registration is FREE for non-commercial educational institutions and for

Sharity can be used in demo-mode for FREE without registration. The
demo-mode provides the full functionality but is limited to three levels of
directory hierarchy.

A fully licensable demo can be downloaded from:


Version 1.00 runs on the following platforms:
    Solaris, SunOS
    SGI/IRIX 5.x and 6.x
    HP-UX 9.x and 10.x
    FreeBSD, NetBSD, BSDI
    NEXTSTEP 3.x, OPENSTEP/Mach 4.x

AIX, DEC OSF/1 and probably Unixware will be supported in version 1.01,
which will be available soon.

Dipl.-Ing. Christian Starkjohann
Objective Development
Porschestr. 13-15/10/1
A-1230 Vienna
Austria - Europe
Fax:    +43(2252)8953412


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