Static IP network setup with a dynamic dial-up IP from ISP

Static IP network setup with a dynamic dial-up IP from ISP

Post by Vincent Zweij » Thu, 15 Oct 1998 04:00:00

||  I have a Pentium running RedHat v5.2 with a 33.6KBps modem.  I would like
||  to connect this Linux Box to a company network overseas via the Internet
||  through a local ISP.  The overseas company will provide a static IP for me
||  to use for some internal reason.  Meanwhile, the local ISP that provides a
||  free dial-up PPP account with a dynamic IP refuses to reroute the Internet
||  traffic from the static IP provided by the overseas company without
||  additional contracts and fees.  The following diagram shows the hardware
||  connection or path between my Linux box and the overseas company via the
||  local ISP:
||                                       +--\ Dial-Up Service \--+
||         +--------+             Domain | e.f.zz.zz  Dial-up IP:| e.f.kk.kk
||         |Overseas|               +----+----+            +-----+------+
||         |Company |               |Local ISP|            |My Linux Box|
||         +---+----+               +----+----+            +-----+------+
||      Domain | a.b.xx.xx        Domain | c.d.yy.yy    Static IP:
||             +------> Internet <-------+

The problem is that without the cooperation of your ISP, nobody in the
world (except the overseas company) knows that packets for
should go through the ISP to you.

If you really want to use the static ip, you must build a
virtual network between your machine and the overseas company.  You can
do this (as far as I know) using IP-IP tunneling, or using PPP over ssh
(aka VPN - virtual private network).  Packets for will be sent
to the overseas company first, who will send them through the tunnel
to you.  There are (mini) howtos on both methods.

If you're satisfied with only a fixed hostname and dynamic IP, look at
dynamic DNS, like  Maybe the overseas company can even play
that role.

Good luck.                                                      Vincent.

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best regards,

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