local hostname DIP+slirp+CSLIP

local hostname DIP+slirp+CSLIP

Post by Dan Neils » Wed, 07 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I am reposting this question because I setn my modem in for an upgrade right
after I posted it the first time.  Sorry.

I connect to my remote host (pluto.njcc.com) with dip+slirp+CSLIP.  Now, when
I run network applications locally, the site I am connecting to sees me as
coming from pluto.  How can I configure my dip script/ /etc/host* files so
that I am seen as coming from my own host?


1. dip/slirp/cslip -- hostname?

How does one configure a dip/slirp/cslip connection so that when connecting to
remote sites, they see you as coming from your own machine, rather than from
from the host machine.

eg when I connect to somewhere it says
Hello dhn at pluto.njcc.com you are user number 8098093 out of a possible 4
I want this to be my local address.



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