Sportster ISDN Drivers

Sportster ISDN Drivers

Post by Mike G Lefev » Thu, 10 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I was wondering if there are any drivers available to support the Sportster 128 ISDN adapter under Linux.
I am anxious to find these drivers if possible. Currently we are using NT with this adapter to connect our LAN to the Net.
However the "Blue Screen of Death" at least once per week under NT is becoming a concern.

   Mike Lefever

   NDI Consulting


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        Are there any drivers for the USR Sportster ISDN TA?  A friend of
mine told me that he heard of one that you could buy but i told him that
Linux is free (he is a M$ WinDoze user).  Anyway could someone please let
me know if they exist, and where i might get them if they do?

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