Setting Up kPPP to use on

Setting Up kPPP to use on

Post by Dana Boo » Sat, 27 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Quote:> I am trying to confgure kPPP to use as my ppp dialin program....I am
> having a prob with it saying the pppd has died unexpectedly.  If anyone

I had the same problem, and I know that pppd is setup correctly because
it'll work fine if I use the RH 'netcfg' frontend to make the scripts. I
don't know why it did that.

That being said, (and no help being given *G*) I still prefer to use Dip
invoked from a shell script. The actual Dip script is completetly
configurable, and mine, for instance, will dial a round-robin of numbers
until it gets the connect, and will redial if the connect is dropped. It's
text mode, and it takes a few minutes more to setup, but it's so flexible.

Anyway, as you can tell, I was only suggesting that you take a look. If you
ever decide to give Dip a try, I can show some examples of scripts. And
being run in a text window (that just gets minimized anyway) rather than a
graphical frontend, it uses less system resources.





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Do you have ibm as your isp and you have it working? I have
been trying to get mine to work. I have a script that worked
with chat, but it seems to be overly complicated and there
must be a better way. Are you using pap, chap? Or did you do
a script? If you did a script can I see your?


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