Arp problems

Arp problems

Post by Liam Hoga » Sun, 20 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I am runniong red fat 5.2
I keep getting an arp error.

my arp table keeps refreshing an address from annother machine on my
The IP has never been attached to that address

Ive chassed my tail for a few days and I am nof closer to finding the cause.

Any ideas anyone.


1. Multiple ethernet interfaces on same switch (ARP problem)


I have a machine with three network interfaces (Intel 100 Mbit and
2x D-Link Gigabit/copper) that are all on the same switch. The reason
for multiple cards is not my ignorance about aliasing but the need
for more bandwidth. (I export  different disks over different NICs.)
Each card is in a different subnet, so each interface has its own
routing table entry.

Now it seems that Linux gets confused by this. Apparently each
interface answers each ARP request, resulting in a mess. The problem
is worsened by the fact that Linux' ARP cache not only stores MAC/IP
pairs but also the interface, which, in conjunction with any interface
answering any ARP requests, results in entries that contradict the
routing table.

Is there any way around this?

I noticed that neither Digital Unix nor OpenBSD nor IRIX do store
the interface in the ARP cache but only MAC and IP. Why is the
interface stored there anyway?

Cheers, Steve

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