Server Co-Location

Server Co-Location

Post by temp use » Wed, 12 Mar 2003 11:56:25

I'm considering hosting a rackmount server with , they offer just
about what i'm looking for ... I don't want an ultra-cheap host because of
previous bad experiences with support and network performance.  I also don't
want a class A facility (mainly due to the cost!).  The sales guy let me see
more pictures of the facility and equipment and it looks ok.

I'd appreciate any suggestions on other hosts and server hardware as well
(dyni doesn't offer leased servers, at least not on their site) .. I'm
looking at .. a little pricey but i've seen them in person (phpcon)
before and they are very nice!



1. Server co-location

    I was wondering if anyone would be interested in colocating a server.  I
work for  the World Web Company ( we have a T1 that
is not even used.  We are looking for people that may be intrested in
colocating.  We are looking at charging $400 per month which is much cheeper
than I could find anywhere.  Your server would be placed in one of two
server rooms that we have.  This is just a feeler to see if anyone is
interested as I am not a salesman I an the network engineer.
If you are interested at all or have any comments please send me a message

Thank you for your time,
Tom Jaeger

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