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I've build RADIUS 2.4.21 on a Red Hat 2.0.12 system and while the server
check goes fine when I try a radpwtst I get a segmentation fault and core

Anyone have an idea?




1. Best way to manage source code?

Aside from compiling kernels, I generally don't compile from source.  
Generally, I rely on RPM or DEB packages.  Originally, I did this because I
wasn't familiar with the process of compiling source.  Also, I wasn't aware
of some of the benefits of compiling from source--namely, customization.  I
also wasn't aware that it was generally possible to uninstall compiled
packages as easily as it was RPM or DEB packages.

I have since learned more about compiling, installing, and uninstalling
source packages, but effective maintenance, and ease of maintenance, seems
to depend greatly on how you manage source packages.  For example, there is
the issue of space.  There is also the issue of complexity.  By that I
mean that some packages (KDE or GNOME, e.g.) actually consist of dozens of
individual source packages, some of which may have to be compiled in a
specific order?

I am sure there are other issues, for example compiling for specific
kernels or libraries?  Is there a good guide available on how to manage
source packages?  Ideas, comments, pointers will be appreciated.

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composed and transmitted using free software, licensed under the General
Public License.

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