SAMBA and LINUX as fileserver

SAMBA and LINUX as fileserver

Post by Greg Tompki » Mon, 23 Jan 1995 06:18:33

I am new to LINUX, UNIX and NETWORKING in general  :(  I have been reading up
on a lot of things, so I have a basic knowledge.  This is what I want to do...
TWO office sites and I want to set up a LINUX box as a fileserver for PC's
connected to it.  If I understand it correctly, I can use Samba for this.  
Because I want to avoid the HIGH charge of a leased line to connect the two
directly, I want to use local Internet Providers over a dialup line at both
ends.  If there a way I can share files over a connection like this?  




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I'm planning a little project, and thought I'd ask some preliminary

1.  Is there an existing filesystem which will combine multiple
partitions/disks into a single, mountable volume?

2.  Can filesystems be exported to a Win95 network client (Samba?).  Will
these exported filesystems support long filenames?

3.  What 100Base-T PCI ethernet cards are supported under Linux?

It is my intention to build another box to run exclusively Linux, and
become a fileserver for my Wintel PC.  This will allow me to take advantage
of Linux's more efficient disk utilization (let's face it, FAT sucks),
without losing that disk space under the Windows development environment I
need for work.

Further, It'd be nice to combine several large IDE drives into a single
logical volume.  Too many drive letters get messy, you'll agree. . .
Sure, I could buy a 9+ gig SCSI, but it'd be expensive, and I'd have to
partition the hell out of it to keep sector size low under DOS/Win.  I'm
not sure if physical partition size limits wouldn't require partitioning
under Linux, too.  In fact, if I could combine a compressed filesystem with
a large physical partition, that'd be even better still.

Any ideas/info/comments?

Rich Stone

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