BANet RedHat 6.1 Problem

BANet RedHat 6.1 Problem

Post by ezare.. » Sun, 20 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I have a small linux-based home LAN.  The gateway machine is running RedHat
6.1 2.2.13 with pppoe support compiled into the kernel.

My DSL provider is Bell Atlantic.  The network has been up and running fine,
until today.  Pinging the internet from client machines on the local net
fail, but succeeds from the gateway.  Telnet to the internet, however, works
fine from the client machines.  This being the case, I'm assuming it has to
do with my firewall.  The firewall, however, has NOT changed and had been
working.  It is rerun everytime I get a new IP.  The firewall, an adapted
version of the Trinity OS firewall, is not logging anything to
/var/log/messages, so if it's rejecting packets it's not logging.

Can anyone suggest any way to further diagnose this problem?  I'm at a bit of
a loss.

Thanks in advance.


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1. DSL. Redhat, BANet Problem

I have a small, linux-based LAN connected to the Internet via Bell
Atlantic Infospeed DSL using the Westell external DSL modem.  The
gateway machine is running Redhat 6.1 with the 2.2.13 kernel with pppoe
support compiled in.  The external and internal interfaces are both
Netgear FA310tx 10/100 tuilp chip based cards.  The Becker tulip driver
is also compiled into the kernel.  The external interface eth0 is
configured to use dhcp via dchpcd, not pump.  The internal interface
eth1 and the other hosts on the LAN are using the 192.169.1.* family of
ips.  I have an ip-chains based firewall with ip masquerading.  Until
last night, everything was up and all machines had access to the
Internet.  Currently, the LAN remains up, but I have no access to the
Internet from any machine, including the gateway machine.


1. forwarding is enabled.
2. DNS is enabled.
3. I have the ip's of the nameservers and gateway from BA.
4. eth0 is up.
5. ppp0 is up and reporting a local and foreign ip.
6. pppoed is up.
6. firewall is up and not blocking any of my outgoing packets.


1. cannot reach anything by name.
2. cannot ping anything by ip except the foreign address reported by
ppp0 - this includes the BA gateway and nameservers.
3. nslookup and traceroute fail, obviously.

This is getting pretty frustrating.  Everything was working, I'm on the
web, a request times out, then nothing.  I had been able to ping
everything by name or number including, again obviously, the
nameservers.  Attepts to restablish the pppoe connection yield the same
results.  Any suggesions regarding possible fixes or paths to further
diagnosis, are greatly appreciated.


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