Samba - XP problem - appreciate the help!

Samba - XP problem - appreciate the help!

Post by Tommy Paulic » Sat, 02 Nov 2002 11:57:38

Dear linux community,

I'm new to Linux, working with RH8.0 distribution.  I've successfully
configured my smb.conf file, with my workgroup name and also modified it
to support encrypted passwords (for XP compatibility).

I have also added myself as a user (smbpasswd -a tommy) and configured
both windows and linux to have identical (case sensitive) user names and
passwords.  Additionally my samba username and password is identical to
the other two.


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I got windows XP and Mandrake linux networked with each other.
Lately, I came upon an odd problem.  I save all my downloaded proggys
,music etc in one big folder. It gotten to be 5 gig in size. Lately I
have not been able to write any data to this windows xp share folder
from my linux box. I can read and WRITE /MAKE " NEW FOLDERS ONLY" but
samba refuses to transfer any size file and comes back with a "
insufficient disk space problem " .  Since the share folder is in the
XP machine, and I never had any problems at all before xfering files I
came to the conclusion that it must be either a bug in samba? maybe ?
or a XP share restriction issue.  I checked the share folder
attributes , user, rights etc and all checks well.

I then decided to make a whole new folder and have the same folder
attributes as the one described above. I then tried and sucesfully
transfered a file from linux to windows.  So, according to what I have
seen and learned so far, it seems like windows has a maximum folder
size limit ??? if so, how can you disable it?

Any ideas guys?


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