ISDN Teles sync-ppp <- help

ISDN Teles sync-ppp <- help

Post by Marius Klu » Sun, 06 Jul 1997 04:00:00


I've installed a Teles 16.3 card in my Linux-box (after reading a lot
of docs-n-faqs) and it's identified at boottime.
I compiled the kernel 2.0.30 again with ISDN, Teles, etc as a kernel
module (so I don't have to insmod, etc) with ppp-2.2.0f.
(ppp-2.2.0f + diald works ok for my modem)
After that I installed the Isdn4linux package.
Did I do those things in the right order? I mean can I use sync-ppp now?
I'd used a script (from the isdn4linux pakage) to get connected it's
called rc.isdn.rc.1 (1 stands for modules build in kernel) edited for
my situation but it didn;t seem to work.

Can anyone help me with it?



Marius Kluin


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