how do i turn on forwarding on a linux box?

how do i turn on forwarding on a linux box?

Post by cp.. » Sat, 27 Jan 1996 04:00:00

two linux machines "mephisto" and "faust".  both kernel 1.3.15,

faust establishes a PPP connection with mephisto (which is connected
to a network), but mephisto refuses to forward packets between its
network and faust.

 * the proxyarp flag is turned on
 * mephisto has the pointopoint link with faust in its routing table
 * faust knows mephisto as the "default" gateway in its routing table
 * IP forwarding is turned on in both kernels

i tried jacking around with ipfwadm to no avail.  i'm about to run
gated if i can't figure anything else out.  i've been *ing with
this for the last two days without sleep.  could someone condescend to
enlighten this poor philistine?

- c.


how do i turn on forwarding on a linux box?

Post by Michelle Ann Erbec » Sun, 28 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Gated is probably the answer. We at the same place you are...


1. Linux box networked with Dos Box

: Hi All:

: I have a couple of questions about networking with Linux.  I do not
: have much experience with setting up a network or running a network,
: so forgive me if I screw up my description.

: 1)  Is is possible for Linux to coexist on a Network with a Dos Box?
: Well, actually I know that it is possible, I am just wondering how.  I
: assume that the Dos box needs to be running more than likely some
: flavor of TCP/IP.  Does anyone know which flavor works best with
: Linux?  I can think of a couple off hand, but have no relevant info as
: to which will work the best.

Yes, I have A dos machine, a macintosh, and 3 Linux machines in a network and
run together quite nicely.

: 2) Since the Linux will coexist, or at least I think that it will,
: does that mean, that for some one running a Dos box on this network
: will have to telnet into my Linux box?  Like telnetting to somewhere
: on the internet?

You can telnet and use other utilities available for telnetting and doing
other internet activities.  You will however have to by the software necessary
to access the netowrk.  There are also many nice shareware utilities
These include WINSOCK and TRUMPET WinSock.

: 3) I suppose that I should have preferenced these questions by saying
: that there will be four computers on this network.  My computer, and
: my three roommates computers.  None of these four will be hooked up to
: any outside lines.  Is TCP/IP the best way to net these four
: computers?  If not, what else is there that will work with both Linux
: and Dos/MeSsy Windows?

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one setting up networks in their appartments


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