Using Linux box to route email for Company.

Using Linux box to route email for Company.

Post by Justin Mil » Sat, 07 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I have been thinking if it is possible  for a nationwide company connected
to one ISP to have Linux boxes at each branch connected to workstations
on the ethernet.

branch1 -----> ISP    <----------------------------> Internet
                                             | ISP routes mail to branches

                                             | and Internet
branch2 -----> ISP   <-----

Domain of company called and the linux boxes  at the branches
called Branch1, branch2 etc.

Is a UUCP account the better option or a dial-up SLIP account scripted to
dial in  three times a day. and so doing send & retrieve mail

What is involved on the ISP side ?
What configuration must you setup for ?

Just curious to see whether it is possible?
From a guy who has lots to learn


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1. Can't route POP 3 email through my Linux box


I have had some problems receiving POP3 email from Bellsouth over the
past three weeks. I route through my Linux Mandrake box. It is also a
firewall (ipchains) and web proxy server using Squid. Here are some
key points pertaining to the problem:

* Can't recieve any mail on either of my 2 Windows machines. I can
send OK.
* I can telnet into the Bellsouth mail server with no problems.
* I can recieve my Bellsouth mail with no problems at work.
* If I bypass the Linux machine, I can recieve mail with no problems
while connected directly to Bellsouth.

Now that I have identified that something's wrong/changed with my
Linux machine, I have done these things to troubleshoot...oh and let
me note - I have changed NOTHING. Nothing on my Linux box and nothing
on any of the WindBloze machines.

* Opened up the firewall rules so that there are NO restrictions.
Still NG. I didn't think that would phase things since I log no
DENIALS while trying the recieve the email.

* Tested demasquerading and there is nothing wrong with it.

I am at a loss. I really don't think that calling Bellsouth is going
to get me anywhere. I really don't ever call them.

Any help or suggestions would me greatly appreciated.

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