Does Linux 2.6 support zero-copy on the RX side?

Does Linux 2.6 support zero-copy on the RX side?

Post by Rick Molere » Fri, 12 May 2006 04:43:38

Does the Linux TCP/IP stack support zero-copy (along with checksum offload)
on the RX side?  We've been developing an Ethernet controller and driver
that supports checksum offload and see good improvements in throughput on
the TX side (e.g., 100%), but only marginal improvement on the RX side
(e.g., 20%).  Right now we're using Linux 2.4.20.  We think the lack of
improvement on the RX side is because of the buffer copy from kernel space
to user space of the received data.  We're using netperf/netserver to get
performance measurements, so we're using the TCP_SENDFILE option for the TX
side.  Any thoughts?



1. FreeBSD zero-copy socket patch

As far as I have found, the patch written by Gallatin seems the only
available patch that exists for FreeBSD.

Any one knows of other patch that provide zero-copy socket interface?
(zero-copy for both send/recv, not just one provided by sendfile).



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