ypbind and "neighbour table overflow" error

ypbind and "neighbour table overflow" error

Post by Jim Wigh » Wed, 07 Jun 2000 04:00:00

I have put together a small Redhat 6.2-based system in a 4MB file, to
be compressed onto floppy or loaded from LILO using initrd and used
for repairing or installing systems. I have done this often enough
before with earlier releases, but for some reason I can't get ypbind
(version 3.3) to start this time; it starts fine on my full Redhat
6.2 system, though.

It outputs these messages:

neighbour table overflow
neighbour table overflow
ypbind[43]: unable to register (YPBINDPROG, YPBINDVERS, udp).
: No buffer space available

/proc/meminfo provides these statistics:

        total:    used:    free:  shared: buffers:  cached:
Mem:  64483328 11100160 53383168  2494464  4538368  1978368
Swap:        0        0        0
MemTotal:     62972 kB
MemFree:      52132 kB
MemShared:     2436 kB
Buffers:       4432 kB
Cached:        1932 kB
BigTotal:         0 kB
BigFree:          0 kB
SwapTotal:        0 kB
SwapFree:         0 kB

In further poking around in /proc I came across slabinfo - whatever
that is (the man page for /proc claims to conform to kernel 1.3.11, at
which time slabinfo presumably didn't exist) - containing this

slabinfo - version: 1.0
kmem_cache            29     42
pio_request            0      0
tcp_tw_bucket          0      0
tcp_bind_bucket        1    127
tcp_open_request       0      0
skbuff_head_cache     32     50
sock                   7     11
filp                  38     42
signal_queue           0      0
kiobuf                 0      0
buffer_head         4452   4452
mm_struct              5     31
vm_area_struct        68    126
dentry_cache         342    372
files_cache            5      9
uid_cache              1    127
size-131072            0      0
size-65536             0      0
size-32768             0      0
size-16384             0      0
size-8192              0      0
size-4096              1      2
size-2048             41     44
size-1024              7      8
size-512              14     16
size-256              15     28
size-128             306    325
size-64               42     84
size-32              168    189
slab_cache            15     63

I imagine the buffer_head entry simply confirms what the error from
ypbind says. The equivalent entry on my full RedHat 6.2 system is

buffer_head         2373   3822

Anyone got any insight into the problem? For the time being I am at a
loss to know what I may have done different this time and am awaiting



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