Sony 808 laptop, Redhat 5.1, 3c589d pcmcia

1. RH5.1, Sony 808 won't see PCMCIA CardBus

I'm using a 3Com Megahertz 10/100 LAN CardBus PC Card (PCMCIA)
with a Sony PCG-808 notebook.  It works fine under Windows 98.  
But when I try to install Redhat 5.1 with boot floppies over
the net, I don't even get an option for using PCMCIA!  (Ordinarily,
wouldn't I get asked and then get prompted for the supplemental
floppy if I have PCMCIA?)  I tried in expert mode too, but no
PCMCIA option.

Any help would be most appreciated.... Thanks!

                                                             -- Adam
Adam Porter: Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies  Murray Hill, NJ
porter at  908-582-6865

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